Keeping kids occupied with fun activities at home has always been a bit of a challenge for many (if not all!) parents, but it’s been even more of a chore due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That doesn’t mean it needs to be! There are plenty of project ideas worth considering that can offer your kids hours of entertainment, and even teach them useful skills. By working with various crafting tools, rotary tools, and similar items, they’ll learn skills that may have very practical applications later in life.

Many of these projects are suitable even if your little ones are very young. Here are just a few examples:


Making a sun catcher is as easy as adding some colorful designs to a paper plate and running a string through a hole you’ve punched along one of the sides. If your kids enjoy projects that allow them to mix colors together in striking ways, all you have to do is add a decent amount of white glue to the paper plate, and a few dabs of various food colorings around it.

Kids can then use toothpicks to mix the food coloring into the glue and swirl it around. Once it dries, the results will even impress adults!


This project is ideal for very young kids. It involves cutting circles out of a few sheets of dissolvable paper. Once you have a decent amount of small dissolving paper circles, let your kids add color to them with any child-friendly paint.

Then, toss these little colorful circles into the bath. Your kids will watch with amazement as the colorful confetti dissolves before their eyes.

Just make sure you let your kids know this is going to happen! You don’t want a child getting upset because the confetti they worked hard to create disappeared when they weren’t expecting it to.


Making a snow globe is much easier than you might think. You just need a clear glass jar, strong glue, some glitter, and a small figurine that will fit inside, such as a LEGO figure.

Depending on what type of glue you use and how young your children are, you may need to help them with the steps that involve gluing, but basically, creating a snow globe involves gluing your figurine of choice to the bottom of the jar’s lid, filling the jar with water and glitter, and then screwing the lid back on. You might also want to glue the lid shut to make sure it stays closed.

These are just a few examples! Yes, entertaining kids during a pandemic may be a struggle sometimes, but with projects like these, it’s more than possible.

Guest article written for SmartSolve by Anita Franco.


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