SmartSolve is a leading provider of water soluble packaging and labeling materials suitable for all types of consumer products. We help our clients devise labeling and packaging solutions that work for their unique products, and that includes the appropriate materials for their products.

SmartSolve offers water soluble board stock with multiple benefits. This material is sturdier than water soluble paper packaging, making it better suited to certain products that cannot be packaged in paper. It as a 12-month shelf life and offers the ability to print vibrant images in high detail.

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Consider some of the possible ways to use water soluble board stock for your products:

  1. Water soluble hangtags that can be washed with new clothing is an environmentally safer way for consumers to handle newly purchased clothing. These tags will be sturdy enough to keep products organized for shelf storage and shipping and customers can easily remove them simply by washing the clothes they purchase.

  2. Water soluble backer boards can make it easier to display packaged products meant to be dissolved in water while keeping individual packages sturdy for shipping purposes. For example, it’s possible to devise a package with a water-soluble board stock backing board and a water soluble transparent covering. Therefore, the end-user can inspect the product thoroughly before dissolving it and its package entirely in water.

  3. Water soluble board stock is also the perfect substrate for printing travel-sized personal hygiene product boxes, allowing consumers to dispose of these containers quickly and easily when they no longer need them. This is an excellent alternative to designing tiny, specialized cardboard boxes that have a more significant environmental impact.

  4. Water Soluble cremation boxes are becoming increasingly popular, and water soluble board stock from SmartSolve is the ideal packaging material for this purpose. These biodegradable urns are the perfect green alternative to traditional cremation ash canisters.

These are just a few of the potential applications for SmartSolve’s water soluble board stock. This material offers significant advantages over regular board stock, such as total water solubility, lower environmental impact, and affordable production.

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Choose Water Soluble Board Stock Instead of Standard Board Stock

Board stock has been a staple of modern packaging for all kinds of products for many years. While some board stock is produced with recycled materials, the recycling process still creates waste and takes a measurable toll on the environment.

By comparison, water soluble board stock from SmartSolve dissolves completely in water with no residue left behind, meaning this product packaging option has virtually no environmental impact when compared to traditional packaging solutions.

Depending on your packaging requirements, our water soluble board stock could also be a suitable replacement for standard cardboard in virtually any application. Additionally, we carry water soluble corrugate which is an ideal replacement for traditional cardboard boxes. If you have questions about our water soluble board stock and its viability as a packaging solution for your products, please contact SmartSolve today.


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