In the restaurant business, guaranteeing fresh food products and ingredients is an essential food safety task undertaken by kitchen professionals. To ensure fresh food, restaurants must institute a food rotation program designed to identify expired food and keep new products in consistent use. Most often, food rotation protocols call for effective labeling of the food products involved.

When you’re choosing labels for your restaurant’s food rotation needs, you’ll find a variety of different options on the market. Unfortunately, most of these are not designed for use in a commercial kitchen and pose a number of issues. Some fade quickly, leaving the date or contents unintelligible while in storage; others are difficult to write on or remove.

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Water Soluble Labels Could Solve Your Food Labeling Problems

When it comes to labels for your food rotation protocols, water soluble labels provide a number of advantages over multipurpose and other kitchen labels. These are their top five benefits, according to kitchen professionals:

1. Easy to Read. Whether you choose day of the week labels, “use by” labels, or institute your own unique labeling protocol, water soluble labels clearly state your most pertinent information. Better yet, labeling won’t fade and will wash off with each use. You and your staff will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing products are fresh every time.

2. Easy to Remove. One of the most labor-intensive parts of a labeling system is changing out the labels each time, not to mention the potential damage that comes with scraping off each one. With water soluble labels, there’s no more wasted time and effort picking or scrubbing stubborn labels from kitchenware. Water soluble labels dissipate easily with hand agitation or a commercial dishwasher, allowing you to utilize your containers for multiple needs.

3. Environmentally Friendly. SmartSolve labels use a unique paper product that is completely water soluble. They produce no excess paper waste and can enter the water supply with no issue for drainage systems or wildlife. As a result, most water soluble labels are certified “green.”

4. No Residue. Unlike traditional labels, water soluble labels leave absolutely no residue behind on food containers once they’re removed. This means no sticky patches that harbor bacteria and put food safety at risk.

5. Increases your Chances for Success. Manage your food product and ingredient inventory and ensure the first products in are also the first products out with a color-coded labeling system. Eliminating wasted product and the labor required to remove traditional labels saves you money, and the resulting fresh food keeps your reputation solid.

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SmartSolve Solutions for Restaurant Labels

SmartSolve’s innovative water soluble labels provide your restaurant with a clear concise labeling system. What’s more, this solution is simple to use for all involved.

For more information about the sizes and types offered or for custom labels, contact us today.


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