Although traditional marketing practices have included a plethora of printed products, it's important that green businesses practice what they preach and also employ eco-friendly marketing strategies. With messaging, consistency truly is key.

Here are some tips to help you employ more eco-friendly marketing strategies for your green business.

Make Your Paper and Printing Marketing as Eco-friendly as Possible

While printed products may never disappear completely from marketing, we can remain diligent in choosing the paper and inks we use. Low VOC inks are recommended, as are recycled paper, FSC-certified stocks, or even seed paper. Many labeling facilities now make water-soluble packaging of all varieties, including hangtags and string, so the options do exist and are readily available. The need for labels, business cards or pamphlets will likely remain in our marketing practices for some time, but how we produce them can certainly improve to better reflect our green brands. Water-soluble or even reusable packaging is a great way to do this.

Have Explicitly Stated Green Goals, and Broadcast Them

Let the public know of your commitment to the environment and your mission to make your products as eco-friendly as possible. Tell consumers how your business has partnered with other local businesses to reduce your carbon footprint and infuse the local economy. Make partnerships with other eco-friendly businesses in your community and promote them for their green practices. These should be integral parts of your branding.

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Reduce Your Digital Carbon Footprint

Consider the fact that even your online marketing could be more eco-friendly, which is something that doesn't even occur to most businesses. Every Google search for your business utilizes an average of six servers to complete the task. Servers are powered by fossil fuels, which means that every time a customer has to search for your product on Google, your digital carbon footprint increases. While Google isn't going anywhere anytime soon, it's still wise and eco-friendly to utilize alternatives if possible. For certain industries, like fashion and homewares, Instagram marketing tools have proven to be a good way to cut out the Google servers and their corresponding fossil fuels from the equation.

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Label and Package Your Products Accordingly

At nearly any level of product development, choosing the greenest option reasonably available will up your brand's credibility and consumer confidence. If you're engaging in practices that are greener than your competitors, make that known. Including this kind of unique information in product packaging, such as on labels, really goes a long way. Making the packaging itself eco-friendly, too, is another huge step towards practicing what you preach, so to speak.

Find the Right Service

SmartSolve can assist with eco-friendly packaging and labeling, including water-soluble varieties. When you work with SmartSolve, you can trust we are looking out for your product and the environment. Call 888.788.5085 and talk with us for help today.


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