SmartSolve offers many different types of water-soluble pouches, each with different properties suitable for different applications. Some products cannot withstand rough handling, while others require specific dosages. Water-soluble pouches allow end users to use these products effectively as intended, without worrying about measuring or careful handling. Additionally, water-soluble pouching materials from SmartSolve deliver fantastic print quality, affording manufacturers with attractive branding on their water-soluble product pouches.

With that in mind, SmartSolve recently updated the naming system for their water-soluble pouch products. Here’s a guide to the letter and number codes that now make up the pouch product names:

  • 3E07 – This pouching material is a 3pt sheet with a very thin adhesive coating. The 3E07 pouching material has excellent print qualities and a relatively strong seal. For manufacturers looking for a good balance of print quality, adhesive security, and dissolving time, the 3E07 is the most-well-rounded water-soluble pouching option SmartSolve offers. 

  • 2X15 – For products that must dissolve quickly in water, the 2X15 pouching material option is ideal. This is SmartSolve’s lightest and fastest-dissolving pouching material available, which includes 2pt water-soluble paper and a slightly thicker adhesive coating than what is used with 3E07 pouching material. 

  • 3X15 – This 3pt water-soluble paper has a slightly longer dissolving time than the 2X15 pouching material, but the adhesive is the same thickness. The thicker paper enables better print quality and a strong seal. SmartSolve ecommerce stock pouches feature the 3X15 material.

  • 2X60 – For a slower dissolving water-soluble pouch, the 2X60 is ideal. This 2pt paper has a thick adhesive coating and the greatest weight bearing capability of any of SmartSolve’s water-soluble, heat-sealable pouching materials.

Why Water-Soluble Pouches?

SmartSolve provides specialized water-soluble pouches for a variety of product-based industries, including:

  • Consumer goods

  • Children’s toys

  • Hazardous powders

  • Industrial chemicals

  • Paint ingredients

  • Construction and concrete supplies

  • Food service

  • Medicine

Water-soluble packing is functional, ecologically responsible, and a necessity for some product manufacturers. Water-soluble packaging enables manufacturers to easily mass-produce individual servings or doses or prepare individual amounts of their products for specific uses, saving customers time and helping keep them safe around some hazardous materials.

Go Beyond Recycling™

SmartSolve offers functional water-soluble pouching materials for countless applications.

Connect with SmartSolve today to begin exploring our line of bio-based, eco-friendly products. During your consultation with our scientific team, you can learn more about how a water-soluble solution can benefit your business.

If your business is looking for labeling, packaging, and other sustainable, water-soluble products, consider SmartSolve.


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