This Christmas, give the gift of sustainability!

This Christmas, give the gift of sustainability!

Sustainability is no longer viewed as simply a trend but is recognized as a driving force in the modern market. Sustainable development seeks to meet the consumer’s needs of the present while taking long-term consequences into account so as not to deprive future generations.

As consumers show an increased desire to make sustainable purchasing decisions, many businesses are committing to sustainability in creating their new product offerings.


At SmartSolve, we are doing our part in the sustainability movement by developing innovative water soluble materials and adhesives lines. We are an SPC member, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and our products are certified by Good Manufacturing Practice, Forest Steward Council, and Safe Quality Food. Our products are not only environmentally conscious, but they are also highly versatile with a wide variety of applications in several industries.


No time of year demonstrates how important sustainability can be to the consumer than the holiday season. At the end of every Christmas gathering, homes are full of ripped wrapping paper, smashed boxes, crumpled tissue paper, and emptied cards to be sent to a nearby landfill. Our water soluble products put an end to this unnecessary waste. You can participate in the fun of gift-wrapping and gift-giving without the guilt and mess that comes from all the single-use items they entail.

Tissue Paper, Gift Wrap, Greeting Cards, Gift Tags, Tape, Thread, and Boxes

SmartSolve’s biodegradable, water soluble paper dissolves in 30 seconds or less while offering excellent printability for custom designs. We have three types of paper with varying sizes and thicknesses so that we can replace all your holiday gift wrap needs. Our 2 pt face stock is thin and delicate enough to serve as tissue paper, our 3 pt face stock can be printed with holiday patterns and used as wrapping paper, and our 5 pt face stock is perfect for creating your greeting cards.

Our new “print at home” water soluble labels are compatible with personal printing equipment, meaning you can choose printable gift tag designs online and print them at home. They come in packages of 10 sheets and are available in round labeloval label, and rectangular label options. We also offer water soluble tape to use for gift wrapping, which removes cleanly, easily, and without peeling off images or leaving behind adhesive residue. If you aren’t the most precise gift wrapper, you can easily adjust the tape by removing and reapplying without fear or ruining the gift wrap. Also, our white water soluble thread is a great alternative to traditional ribbon and bows.

SmartSolve water soluble corrugate offers a green alternative to traditional corrugate. It can be converted into boxes that will disperse in water, making it a biodegradable solution for packaging gifts of any size or shape. No special equipment is required. You can print on our corrugate just like traditional boxes using water or oil-based inks that will dissolve right along with the package.

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There is no better time than now to embrace environmentally conscious purchasing decisions. If you’re ready to commit to sustainability this holiday season, check out SmartSolve’s water soluble products for all your gift-wrapping needs. This Christmas, you can do more than simply give presents—give the gift of sustainability as well.


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