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SmartSolve Water Soluble Pouches

Many brands are switching to eco-friendly product packaging, and for good reasons. Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever and looking for brands that align with their values. According to a survey by McKinsey & Company, 60-70% of consumers said they would pay more for products with sustainable packaging.

Looking for product pouches that reflect the quality of your product while still being safe for the environment? Keep reading to learn more about water-soluble pouches.


SmartSolve’s water-soluble pouches, also known as dissolvable pouches or sachets, are a proprietary product that disperses completely in water with no adhesive residue. A heat-seal coating retains the pouch shape, and pouches will disperse in seconds, regardless of water temperature.

SmartSolve pouches can hold any dry product, including powders, granules and other objects that are void of liquid or condensation.


SmartSolve’s eco-friendly product pouches are comprised of bio-based wood pulp fibers sourced from FSC-certified forests. The active ingredient in our water-soluble pouch is carboxymethyl cellulose, a safe, food-grade powder which is most commonly used in chewing gum. These dissolving pouches are non-toxic and biodegradable, functioning more effectively with a smaller environmental impact than similar plastic-based products, such as PVA or PVOH.


While sometimes referred to as “dissolving pouches,” the material technically undergoes a dispersion process. Once the pouches come in contact with water, the dispersion process begins. The adhesive completely dissolves while the wood pulp fibers begin to separate and return to their original bio-based state. Biodegradable materials are a lower-impact alternative to traditional plastics, as they are designed to transform into substances that can be recognized and utilized by living organisms once they are disposed.

SmartSolve’s 3X15 pouch material has passed the five GD4 flushability tests used to certify toilet paper and wipes, meaning the material is safe to go down the drain. The dissolved pouch material is safe for the environment and fish, meeting marine biodegradation standards and the EPA’s Ecological Risk Assessment.



SmartSolve offers a range of water-soluble pouch packaging options that are suitable for many different dry product types, from detergent packs and personal care items to building chemicals. Unlike PVA, a petroleum-derived material commonly used for laundry detergent pods, water-soluble pouches can register print with water-soluble ink. While packaging is normally thrown away before a product is used, dissolvable pouches provide the unprecedented advantage of consumers seeing your branding in the last moments of the product lifecycle.

Personal care brands like Daye and Harry’s have seen viral success on social media from campaigns featuring SmartSolve’s flushable, “disappearing” pouches, exposing the brands to a new, growing audience of eco-conscious consumers.


Our dissolving pouches are designed to deliver a pre-portioned product - sometimes even without the need to physically open the package. Many water-soluble products require careful handling, and some of these items can’t be exposed to air and other contaminants before use. SmartSolve’s water-soluble pouches eliminate the need for human contact while preserving the integrity of pouched products. They also protect end users from exposure to potentially harmful substances that are meant for use with water.


Eco-friendly packaging has many advantages in commercial applications. SmartSolve’s dissolving pouches give organizations the potential for zero waste practices and make a great alternative to single-use plastics. Making the switch to greener product pouches can increase consumer confidence, attract new customers who support sustainable brands and alleviate the environmental impact of traditional product packaging. Choosing environmentally-friendly business practices can also qualify your organization for tax benefits.


For dry products, SmartSolve’s water-soluble pouch technology holds distinct benefits over plastic-based and other packaging types. If your business is looking for sustainable, water-soluble paper, packaging or labeling, get in touch with our team today and learn how our solutions can work for your business.


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