Eco-Friendly Marketing Tips for Sustainable Businesses

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many businesses are seeking to expand their online brand awareness and digital customer outreach programs.

While implementing these marketing transitions, sustainable businesses need to continue deploying communication strategies that effectively convey a consistent brand message. Since this is often easier said than done, our team has compiled a few tips below that can help you craft an eco-friendly marketing strategy for your green business.

Develop Explicitly Stated Green Goals and Broadcast Them

It is often beneficial to actively communicate your business’ environmental commitments to the public. For example, many customers will appreciate your mission to make environmentally friendly products and will demonstrate increased levels of brand loyalty because of it. Many customers also like to hear about how companies partner with other local businesses to reduce carbon footprints and help infuse the local economy. You can further strengthen your brand by forming partnerships with other eco-friendly businesses within your community and by promoting their sustainable practices.

Reduce Your Digital Carbon Footprint

While there are many benefits associated with online shops, there are still environmental costs attributed to running your website and advertising online. For example, every Google search for your business utilizes an average of six servers to complete the task. Servers are powered by fossil fuels, which means every time a customer searches for your product on Google, your digital carbon footprint increases. For certain industries, like fashion and homewares, Instagram marketing tools have proven to be a good way to eliminate Google servers and their corresponding fossil fuel consumption.

Label and Package Your Products Accordingly

Selecting eco-friendly options throughout the product development process helps increase your brand's credibility and consumer confidence. If your business is actively engaging in practices that are greener than your competitors, it can be beneficial to highlight this. It can also be helpful to feature this information on your product packaging, especially if the packaging itself is environmentally friendly.

Make Printed Marketing Literature as Eco-friendly as Possible

While printed marketing materials may never disappear completely, it is important to remain diligent while selecting environmentally friendly paper and inks for print projects. For example, low VOC inks are often an eco-friendly option, as well as recycled paper, FSC-certified stocks, and seed paper substrates. Many print shops have integrated water-soluble paper into their portfolios to ensure sustainable substrates are readily available to customers.

Identify the Right Service Provider for You

SmartSolve’s dedicated team is ready to help bring your environmentally friendly, water-soluble packaging vision to life. Learn more about our products or to request a free sample of our dispersible materials. Contact us!

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