SmartSolve's Smart Start Program

The Smart Solution for Small Quantities of Custom Printed Pouches

At SmartSolve, we understand that bigger is not always better. While many businesses seek to create large volumes of custom printed water-soluble pouches, we realize there can be many advantages associated with producing small quantities of pouches as well.

Therefore, we are excited to announce the creation of our new Smart Start Program. This program is designed exclusively for small businesses looking to create high quality, custom printed packaging solutions for their one of a kind products.

Throughout this program, participants will receive one 1,000 ft roll of custom printed 3X15 Heat Seal material as well as a complementary impulse heat sealer which can be used to quickly form finished water-soluble pouches.

Whether you are looking to create prototypes for a new product or simply introduce sustainable water-soluble packaging into your small business, the SmartSolve team is here to support you every step of the way. See if the SmartStart Program is right for you. Contact us today!

DIY Paper Soap

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), until large-scale measures are developed to combat COVID-19, one of the best ways to keep you and your family safe is to practice proper hand hygiene. In fact, a Medical News Today report, estimated that a 40% increase in proper hand washing and sanitizing measures could effectively reduce the spread of COVID-19 by up to 70%.

Unfortunately, a combination of panic buying by concerned individuals and stockpiling by price gougers has resulted in a nationwide shortage of hand sanitizer. Some retailers have been forced to ration purchases while others are completely out of stock for the foreseeable future, leaving many without a way to clean their hands while on the go.

A SmartSolve Solution

While some individuals have elected to stay at home until the crisis is resolved, many still need to travel to work, medical appointments, the grocery store, and other essential locations. If you looking for an on-the-go handwashing solution, try our simple paper soap DIY using SmartSolve water-soluble paper. Want more information about how to make your own paper soap or to purchase SmartSolve water soluble paper for this project? Learn more!

A Message From Our Director

Who could have envisioned this black swan event? COVID-19 has taken this world by storm, our supply chains have been decimated, our livelihoods damaged, and our freedoms reduced. Yet, unprecedented crises also bring about unprecedented opportunities. More than anything else, we have the power to unite against this invisible enemy. Companies worldwide are reallocating their assets to contribute to the greater cause.

At SmartSolve, if there is a way that our materials can help you fight against COVID-19, please urgently let us know. We will give our level best to fight alongside of you. One example of this is the SmartSolve FlushAway technology. We are working closely with the inventor and others to leverage the unique properties of this material for testing. Yes, the times are dark, but it is always darkest before the dawn. Colin Powell once stated that optimism is a force multiplier. Anchored in hope, we standby ready to support you. — Jonathan Jakubowski

SmartSolve Continues to Support Customers Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

SmartSolve Industries, remains fully operational in North America, and continues servicing our customers here and abroad while adhering to government and health regulations. Our supply chain and production processes enable us to continue to support our customers worldwide.

Our operations in the US and Canada have business continuity plans and strategies in place to allow our employees to work remotely as needed. Additionally, our extensive network of supplier and technology partners allow for flexible operational support to ensure uninterrupted service.

Above all, the safety of our employee families and our business partners is paramount. We recognize this world health situation remains very fluid. We will continue to watch the effects regularly and provide updates through your dedicated account managers, social media, as well as on our website. Learn more!


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