The Impact of Ocean Pollution

Insoluble waste such as plastic has a significant impact on the planet’s oceans. Its presence in the ocean disrupts the lives of the vast number of organisms that live in the seas or along the coasts. Whales, dolphins, turtles, fish, and other sea life come into contact with the plastic products, which can either strangle or harm them without a viable way to remove the obstructions. The toxins created by the waste can also affect their health. What makes these products particularly dangerous is both how their presence can wipe out entire species and their permanence in these environments due to their insoluble nature. Learn more!


Featured SmartSolve Innovation

SmartSolve water-soluble heat seal materials are designed to provide convenient biodegradable packaging solutions for granular substances and dry powder products. With so many unique variations to choose from, our pouching materials are easily implemented into a wide variety of industries. Whether your business is looking to advance personal safety and consumer convenience, introduce time saving pre-portioned packaging, or even implement corporate sustainability initiatives, our team can help you select the ideal material for your unique application. To receive more information about our heat seal materials and pouching capabilities, contact us!


Exclusive Interview: Going Beyond for Supply Chain Sustainability

The Outlook Series features a variety of podcasts and interviews that provide valuable insight for professionals working within the financial, science, security and service sectors. SmartSolve’s recent interview takes a deeper dive into how supply chains can go beyond recycling by using sustainable bio-based packaging materials. Listen to the full interview!


SmartSolve Awarded "Leading Innovators in Sustainable Packaging"

SmartSolve has been recognized as the “Leading Innovators in Sustainable Packaging” through the annual GHP Manufacturing and Packaging Awards. This global spotlight commends the hard work of businesses striving to advance the future of healthcare through innovative packaging and manufacturing solutions. For more information or to see a compilation of award winners, click here!


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