SmartSolve Introduces New Three Phase Product Development Program

By utilizing a 3-step product development approach, SmartSolve brings together the best of sustainability and innovation. This program integrates SmartSolve's extensive material knowledge along with science and engineering expertise to simplify and accelerate the product development process.

The Three Phases

During Phase 1, our team will learn about your ideal product vision and begin outlining your overarching objectives for the project. Through active collaboration we will begin to formulate a product implementation strategy and project timeline. Once the project is fully defined, an initial compatibility assessment will be performed in our lab to ensure your unique formulation is paired with the ideal SmartSolve material.

Our team will use the information gained during Phase 1 to assess the feasibly of a pilot trial during Phase 2. We will then propose our recommended next steps for the R&D process. Together, we will outline the key metrics and objectives you wish to accomplish during the Phase 2 pilot trial.

Once Phase 2 is successfully completed, the project begins to progress into Phase 3. During this phase, SmartSolve's Science & Engineering team will work with you to successfully execute commercialization of your envisioned technology.

Ready to simplify the product development process and set the standard in your industry? Contact us today!

SmartSolve Featured Innovation: New Direct Thermal HD Label Stock

SmartSolve Direct Thermal HD materials leverage a patented process to deliver rapid dispersibility and unprecedented print quality via a new and improved print surface.

SmartSolve Direct Thermal HD Label Stock is comprised of a supercalendared water-soluble paper surface, a 4pt direct thermal topcoat, and leverages our proprietary water-soluble adhesive. SmartSolve Direct Thermal HD materials can be purchased in sheets, custom rolls or prefabricated labels. Request a complementary sample!

Exclusive Interview: Water-Soluble Packaging Market Poised for Strong Growth

As the need for sustainability continues to drive the global water-soluble packaging market, manufacturers seek environmentally friendly packaging solutions that not only enhance their brand but also reduce their carbon footprint. Many firms have decided to use water-soluble labels and flexible pouches to reduce packaging waste and provide added consumer value.

Throughout this Outlook Series interview, Jonathan Jakubowski shares and his perspective on the future of the water-soluble packaging market. Listen to the full interview!

Are you attending SPC Impact 2020?

SPC Impact is a three day event that provides businesses with an extraordinary opportunity to create unity and synergy around global sustainability movements. SPC Impact 2020 will find packaging’s place in this big jigsaw puzzle, and be held March 31st through April 2nd in Austin, Texas. Learn more!


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