Businesses and organizations large and small have some responsibility for reducing waste and recycling when possible. For businesses that have a particularly large carbon footprint, that can seem impossible. However, sometimes taking one small step can lead to bigger changes. Here are some changes that take minimal effort, yet can help protect the environment while still helping a business run.

Choose More Sustainable Packaging Options

Modern companies offer their customers a tremendous amount of variety, but companies that demonstrate environmental responsibility tend to see the most favorable reception among modern consumers. Companies are looking for new ways to reduce the ecological impact of their operations, and labeling can offer a fantastic opportunity.

Shipping is an unavoidable reality of any product-oriented business model. Getting products to customers is going to entail manufacturing, fossil fuel consumption, and transportation. While companies might have little control over these factors, changes can be made to improve sustainability, especially when it comes to product packaging and labeling. The environmental impact of the logistics behind your distribution network are difficult to reduce, but the labeling and packaging processes can be controlled directly.

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Water-Soluble Packaging Is a Functional, Sustainable Choice

Many modern companies can be more environmentally responsible without being perfect. In fact, there is some environmental impact resulting from virtually every human activity. However, the choices made on the manufacturing end of the business-consumer relationship can be very beneficial to the environment and reduce the overall impact of modern consumption.

Water-soluble packaging from SmartSolve offers businesses an ecologically responsible option for packaging certain consumer products while providing consumers with a purchasing choice they won’t need to feel guilty about making. SmartSolve’s cutting-edge water-soluble packaging material dissolves completely in water with no residue from the packaging itself or the adhesive coating used to keep the packaging together.

Water-soluble packaging allows manufacturers to evenly measure different types of products for easier, safer, and more environmentally responsible use. Instead of a disposable package that may wind up in a landfill, a water-soluble package effectively surpasses recyclable material by offering a product package with no waste whatsoever.

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Start Making Changes for Your Brand

Some of the types of products that could switch to water-soluble packaging include medicines, chemical compounds for building, drink mixes, children’s toy sets, and much more. Businesses producing any type of product that dissolves in water should consider the benefits of switching to water-soluble packaging, for their customers and for the environment. Some ecologically damaging activities, like shipping and carbon emission from manufacturing, may be unavoidable, but every business can take small steps toward greater sustainability.

Go Beyond Recycling™

Connect with SmartSolve today to begin exploring our line of bio-based, eco-friendly products. During your consultation with our scientific team, you will learn more about how a water-soluble solution can benefit your business.

If your business is looking for labeling, packaging, and other sustainable, water-soluble products, consider SmartSolve.


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