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ThomasNet is the largest network of B2B buyers and suppliers in North America, and SmartSolve is proud to announce our new Thomas Verified Supplier Badge. This designation ensures the highest quality interactions with businesses interested in using the SmartSolve line of products for their packaging needs.

ThomasNet provides networking and marketing opportunities for all types of companies throughout the US, and the ThomasNet web of B2B buyers and suppliers is continuously growing. It isn’t easy to achieve Thomas Verified Supplier status, and this designation helps companies across all industries make business decisions with greater confidence.

What Is the Thomas Verified Supplier Badge?

ThomasNet strives to connect American businesses with leading suppliers and buyers to enhance their operations and help them grow their brands while supporting the American economy. The Thomas Verified Supplier Badge is a special designation awarded to brands that meet the ThomasNet criteria for Verified Supplier status.

SmartSolve has met these criteria and earned Verified Supplier status:

  • To qualify as a Thomas Verified Supplier, the company must operate within North America.

  • The company must provide accurate and up-to-date business information on the supplier discovery website. This tool allows businesses to connect with one another to bolster operations in North America.

  • The company must submit to and complete a thorough review and validation process covering all products and services the company currently offers.

  • The company must be open to quoting new opportunities. ThomasNet exists to help businesses expand their professional relationships and grow with greater confidence.

Once approved for Thomas Verified Supplier Status, the Thomas Verified Supplier badge will activate on all category results where the company appears on, signaling the company’s validation as a Verified Supplier.

What Does This Verification Mean for SmartSolve?

SmartSolve is a leading manufacturer of water-soluble packaging and labeling solutions for all types of applications, from food product manufacturing to entertainment products and the medical industry. The Thomas Verified Supplier badge exists to instill confidence in potential business partners, letting them know that a supplier has undergone an extensive review process from one of the most respected B2B organizations in the world.

SmartSolve strives to provide our B2B partners with the most reliable, effective water-soluble packaging solutions available. Our new status as a Thomas Verified Supplier will let other business leaders know that the SmartSolve brand is trusted, proven, and thoroughly vetted.

The SmartSolve team will continue to work closely with every one of our business partners to ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality water-soluble packing solutions available today. If you are interested in purchasing water-soluble labeling and packaging services for your company or have questions about our new Thomas Verified Supplier status, contact SmartSolve today


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