SmartSolve and Your Daye have joined forces to introduce environmentally-friendly feminine hygiene products.


Did you know that 200,000 tons of menstrual waste is generated in the United Kingdom alone each year? Typically, this waste ends up in landfills, however, some products inevitably end up polluting seas, rivers, and beaches. In fact, period products are the fifth most common item found on Europe’s beaches, which makes these items more widespread than disposable coffee cups, cutlery, or even straws.


The Your Daye team is committed to delivering environmentally-friendly feminine care products directly to your door. Daye tampons are made from 100% organic cotton, will biodegrade in standard landfill conditions within 12 weeks, and are also classified as compostable. With such an eco-friendly product, Daye has committed “a lot of time conducting material innovation and analyzing the life-cycle of their sustainable packaging, which includes SmartSolve Water-Soluble paper wrappers.”

SmartSolve’s bio-based, biodegradable, and compostable materials proved to be a perfect fit for Your Daye’s sustainability initiatives. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the water-soluble nature of SmartSolve packaging helps provide a unique user experience and increased convenience for customers using Daye products.


Together, SmartSolve and Your Daye look forward to continuing to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by the use of feminine hygiene products. They take pride in the sustainable innovations made possible through their partnership.

Learn more about SmartSolve’s environmentally friendly water-soluble materials or Your Daye’s product delivery services.


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