SmartSolve is proud to announce its new partnership with GreenBlue’s How2Recycle Program. Under this new agreement, SmartSolve labels have achieved the “Widely Recycled Label” status for PET bottles and the “Check Locally Label” status for PET thermoforms. These easy-to-read labels appear on certain products to educate consumers on how to recycle materials properly.

GreenBlue developed the How2Recycle Program in conjunction with stakeholders who expressed the need to inform the public of proper recycling techniques. Through a standardized on-package labeling system, How2Recycle communicates clear recycling instructions to consumers. All recycling instructions are informed by Federal Trade Commission Green Guides, ensuring accurate information on each label.

Each How2Recycle label serves as a comprehensive recycling guide for the product on which it appears and includes the following:

  • Packaging component labels that identify different types of material in a product; for example, a tray, a cover, and a box for a TV dinner.

  • Packaging material labels that identify the different materials used in packaging components, such as paper, plastic, and metal.

  • A recyclability icon that indicates if a product component can be recycled or not. This icon includes information on whether the component is widely recycled, can be dropped off at the store, only has limited recycling options, or can’t be recycled at all.

  • The How2Recycle website URL for additional online resources and local recycling information.

  • Special instructions for certain packaging components, if needed, such as rinsing before recycling.

Recycling isn’t always as straightforward as it should be – not all materials are recyclable, and not all materials can be recycled in the same place. Because of this, SmartSolve is proud to partner with GreenBlue for this new initiative to increase the public’s understanding of recycling methods and to encourage a higher rate of participation in this vital practice. With this new partnership, SmartSolve’s products will adhere to high environmental standards from manufacturing to end-of-life.

Connect with SmartSolve today to explore our line of eco-friendly, water-soluble products and learn How2Recycle for the good of our planet!


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