When companies make a product, the hang tags are usually an afterthought. Sure, we add them to the list once we’ve completed everything else, but rarely are they a top priority.

However, custom hang tags made from water soluble board stock have more importance than we realize. Many businesses that overlook them miss out on an important detail that could sway buyers into purchasing their product.

The Little Details

When customers browse through products, one of the first things they’ll check is the hang tag. Having a well-thought-out hang tag shows attention to detail and can even add flair to your product.

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With the fashion industry turning more and more green, we need to show our customers we care about the environment not only because it is the right thing to do but also because it reflects positively on our brand.

Since customers might base their final decision on the tag, it’s imperative companies put more thought into them. Water soluble custom hang tags have other advantages, too, such as:

  • Easy disposal: Removing traditional hang tags can be tedious. When pairing a water soluble board stock with a water soluble thread, the tag will simply dissolve by itself.

  • Eco-friendly: When designing an environmentally friendly hang tag, it is important to consider all aspects of the product including the inks that are used. Environmentally friendly water soluble inks are ideal for printing logos and barcodes on water soluble hang tags.

  • Environmentally sustainable: Studies estimate that billions of trees are cut down each year, and much of this resource goes to waste. It is important to consider using materials that are sustainably sourced and replenished, such as water soluble board stock which is comprised of FSC Certified wood pulp.

  • Reduce waste: SmartSolve water soluble board stock is readily biodegradable and approved for home composting according to ASTM D6868 standards. Thus, this bio-based material will fully biodegrade without leaving a trace of packaging behind.

Even if every other aspect of your product is marketed flawlessly, the wrong hang tag can easily convey the wrong message. By investing in a quality, environmentally friendly hang tag, you help people view your brand in a positive light.

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A Versatile Option

Not only can you use water soluble board stock from SmartSolve as a hang tag, but you can also transform it to other items depending on your needs. You can turn this board stock into:

  • Backer boards and easels

  • Boxes

  • Pillow packs

  • Arts and crafts items

  • Cards (greeting, promotion, menu)

SmartSolve’s water soluble board stock is specially engineered to help you to display your product or brand at its finest. Our board stock is designed to create crisp, clear prints. It also works on various presses, requires no special equipment, and accepts a variety of inks.

These board stocks also have an expected shelf life of 12 months, meaning you can create a year’s worth of products and store them until you need them. All in all, this board stock is a competitive advantage and a green alternative that will help your product stand out.

Water Soluble Hang Tags Are the Environmentally Conscious Solution

As any business owner knows, small details add up. Hang tags are a major source of pollution in the retail industry. With people becoming more aware of how we affect the environment, more and more consumers are looking for sustainable products. Using SmartSolve’s water soluble hang tags communicates that your brand understands the importance of environmental sustainability.

These tags quickly disperse into small paper fibers when exposed to water and agitation. The material is also non-toxic and approved for marine biodegradation so it won’t harm the environment. 

The Ideal Addition for Your Business

SmartSolve hang tags are ideal for any business or product. You can still apply the same style and printing as you would regular cardboard stock.

Take your product to the next level by using our other water soluble products such as tape, thread, and paper. Our custom hang tags are the future your company should be investing in.

SmartSolve offers a wide variety of water soluble packaging solutions for many different industries. Contact us today for samples, quotes, or more information.


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