Now more than ever, it's crucial for our medical facilities to prevent cross-contamination whenever possible. While this was important before the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and labs around the globe are currently stepping up their efforts to slow the spread of the virus with increased sanitation. One of the easiest ways to prevent cross-contamination between patients, in lab tests, and even for equipment, is to properly employ labeling practices. Whether it be to label a patient's food allergies or medications or expiration labels for supplies, proper labeling can save lives.

Different uses for water soluble labels in healthcare and other medical facilities include:

  • Food container labels are a critical part of any industrial kitchen but are especially important in medical facilities like nursing homes or hospitals. Keeping track of allergens and 'use-by' dates on food are essential for keeping their clientele healthy.

  • Medication labels are some of the most important labels used by the medical community. Pharmacies are able to clearly indicate dosage, contra-indications, and provide proper storage instructions.

  • Expiration labels are also widely used across the medical industry in a variety of applications. From care facility kitchens to IV medications, expiration labels allow healthcare professionals to do effective quality control on the ground.

  • Laboratory container labels have proven to be a crucial part of any functioning laboratory. Mislabeled or cross-contamination of specimens can cause incorrect lab results and have serious consequences for patient care down the line.

  • Instruction labels for patient care or equipment use, among many other things, are essential to the functioning of any medical facility. Doctors, nurses, aides, and others rely upon them to conduct many daily activities and to maintain sanitation between patients.

  • Patient-specific container labels are also increasingly important in these times, as quarantined patients risk transmitting to other patients and healthcare workers via cross-contamination of container surfaces, if not handled properly.

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There are many benefits of clean and simple label removal during the sanitation of reusable equipment, food storage, and many other items. Ease and increase in sanitation is possibly the most important of them, particularly now. Water soluble labels allow the items to be sanitized completely, without leaving any residue behind, which can be difficult to properly remove or sanitize. These water soluble labels also help prevent the spread of disease by keeping items contained to a single user during their visit to a medical facility.

Please let us know if the team at SmartSolve can help you increase sanitation in your medical facility today with best labeling practices.


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