As any librarian can attest—labels are life. Books and media materials are constantly coming in, being sorted and labeled, assigned to shelves, checked out, and arriving back again. Books have labels on them designed for short-term use, and other labels used for classification need to adhere to the materials for longer periods. 

The sheer number of books and the ever-changing information that labels need to convey means that a library will regularly use many labels. When you consider all those labels’ environmental impact, it becomes clear that choosing environmentally friendly labels such as those from SmartSolve is the responsible choice for any library.

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Libraries use a wide assortment of labels. There are specific labels for book spine labeling that include numeric classifications and genrefication of reading material to help readers find the texts they are looking for more quickly. Labels also designate specific shelves and bookplates. Types of labels will differ based on usage. Rare books will require acid-free labels, and some surfaces may be difficult to label and require a more aggressive adhesive. There are also labels specific to processing as well as general office labeling needs.

Because so many labels go into libraries’ daily operations, it is important to reduce labeling’s environmental impact where it is feasible. Paper labels are popular choices for many general library labeling tasks. They are economical and provide a surface that is easy to print on. Paper labels are thin and can easily conform to most book spines. 

Paper labels offer an excellent opportunity to switch to a more environmentally conscious choice, such as a water-soluble product. Choosing a SmartSolve label will still offer the same benefits as a traditional paper label and reduce your environmental footprint.

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More and more businesses prioritize ways to reduce their impact on the environment, including the office staples that are a part of their day-to-day operations. Choosing SmartSolve labels can help your library reduce its reliance on traditional labels.

SmartSolve label stock paper is a water-soluble product that is completely biodegradable. Once subject to water exposure and agitation for 30 seconds, the product will completely dissolve. It leaves behind no trace, including adhesive residue, and is compatible with professional and home printing equipment. SmartSolve offers 3.3” x 4” rectangle labels comparable to Avery 15624 labels. It also offers 2” x 3.3” oval labels comparable to Avery 22829 labels, and 2.5” round labels comparable to Avery 5294 labels.

All of these products can offer your library a safer, cleaner alternative to traditional adhesive labeling products. Contact SmartSolve today to find out how we can help your library set the example and lead the way in environmentally friendly labeling.


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